Fat tire snow biking
Guest and bike at Guesthouse B&B

Something new has been added for the winter at Boundary Country Trekking — Fat Tire Biking Yurt to Yurt. On your first day of this new trip, you bike one half-mile into the Tall Pines Yurt where you will spend your first night. The next morning you bike down the Little Ollie Road, then bike across Poplar Lake on a snowmobile trail and finally onto the five-mile snowmobiled Moose Trail to the Croft Yurt. On the return trip from the Croft Yurt, it is five mile bike back down the Moose Trail to Poplar Lake Public Landing Road where your vehicle will be waiting. Or you can bike the route in reverse, starting at the Poplar Lake Public Landing Road and bike five miles to the Croft and then the next day bike onto the Tall Pines Yurt. As an alternative route, Poplar Creek Guesthouse B&B can be added to or integrated into your biking itinerary.

About the Yurts — For centuries, the people of the Mongolian plateau have found yurts to be comfortable, convivial dwellings. These round, peaked-roofed, canvas-covered huts are warm and cozy. Each comes equipped with a wood-fired stove, dishes and utensils, pots and pans, LP gas stove with oven, prep area, dining area, towels, sleeping bags with clean liners and bunk beds. An outhouse is nearby. The Tall Pines yurt even has a wood fired Finnish sauna. While you bike between the yurts, your gear and food are transported for you.

You can bike between the yurts on your own, where you provide and prepare your own meals and we shuttle your gear and food containers. We can also provide the meals for you. At the Croft Yurt, the hut host brings in your meals for you to reheat. When you are staying at the Tall Pines Yurt, breakfast is served at the nearby Poplar Creek Bed & Breakfast.

Fat Tire Bike Yurt to Yurt on Your Own

Housekeeping / two nights yurts.

Includes one night at Tall Pines Yurt and one night at the Croft Yurt, sleeping bags, towels, gear and food transfer and car shuttle. You provide your own meals.

Rates: First 4 people Each extra person
Mid-week: $410 $60
Weekend / holidays: $470 $60
Add a third night at Poplar Creek Guesthouse B&B: $60

Fat Tire Bike Yurt to Yurt with Meals

Includes one night at Tall Pines Yurt and one night at the Croft Yurt, sleeping bags, towels, gear and food transfer and car shuttle and meals: 1 supper, 1 trail lunch and 2 breakfasts. One night at each yurt.

Rates: 2-3 people 4-5 people 6+ people
2 nights: $375 / person $315 / person $250 / person
3 nights: $460 / person $390 / person $300 / person

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