Menu Planner

  • For Full Outfitting-- select from the following menu your food for your entire trip. The cost is included in the Full Outfitted trip price.
  • For Partial Outfitting Meal Plan-- select from the following menu your food for your entire trip. Meal Plan includes food and food pack/food cooler. Price of Meal Plan with a food pack is $35/day.
You may use form below to send us your menu choices online, or print out this page, fill it out and send to:

Boundary Country Trekking
11 Poplar Creek Dr
Grand Marais, MN 55604
Fax number: 218-388-2253

For breakfast and dinners on the first day of your canoe adventure, we recommend fresh and frozen foods. We provide a soft-sided cooler to keep this food fresh. After one day the menu switches to bulk and freeze-dried food, or if you prefer, we will provide bulk and freeze-dried foods for your entire trip thus cutting down on the extra weight of fresh and frozen foods. The choice is yours!

Fresh / Frozen Foods Meal Menu

Included with full outfitted and meal plan trips.
Select the fresh breakfast and dinner you would like for the first day of your trip.

Frozen Vegetable (your choice):
Frozen Vegetable (your choice):

Bulk and Freeze-Dried Options

Included with full outfitted or meal plan trips (select meals for additional day after first day)

Supper (do not include supper on last day)
All Lunches (make your own flat bread sandwiches and "finger food")
Other suggestions:

Food Staples and Extras

Included with full outfitted and food plan trips.
Please let us know if there are anything on this list you will not be needing.

Pan Fried Bread Mix
Lemonade/Ice Tea/Kool Aid
Fish frying batter mix and grease
Powdered Milk
Desert Puddings
Salt/pepper and other spices
Other suggestions:

Additional Accessories

Included with full outfitted trips.

Water proof maps
Dish washing supplies
Toilet paper
First-aid kit
Extra rope
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